How to Handle Water Damage

Water damage at home can stem from a series of places. No matter where it comes from, it can cause severe harm to the infrastructure and fixtures inside. Porous surfaces like floors and walls are susceptible to mold and mildew growth when flood damage is left untreated. The Paul Davis specialists are the ones to reach when your home or business needs water damage restoration.

Before Our Professionals Come to Your House

Before a Paul Davis specialist appears, there are several steps you can do to help make the restoration speed up. To salvage everything on your property from water damage, it’s necessary to act quickly. First, make sure your home is safe to work in. Shut off all electronics and breakers around your home to avoid electrocution. This may sound overly cautious, but damaged appliances can be harmful when exposed to water.

Getting Started

Water gets into everything. When your home is safe to enter, relocate all your possessions. Level, sturdy surfaces are suitable for drying books, magazines and other paper materials. Lamps, knickknacks and other tabletop items should also be removed. You can begin cleaning when you’ve removed books, small items and other damp materials. Fans or air conditioning move air around your house and start drying the area. Dry water from wood furniture or smaller surfaces. Though you may want to try, never use a standard home vacuum to remove water. This can damage the appliance or endanger you if improperly handled. Once the room is clear of smaller items, use wooden or cement props to elevate heavy chairs away from the floor. Carpet and fabrics are typically heavy when wet. This extra weight makes rugs, leather goods and fur difficult to dry. So if you need to remove a large fabric item, lift with caution. Hang draperies, clothing and other fabrics away from the soaked area to dry properly. Items like draperies may not be easily salvaged. The same water weight that affects rugs and carpets can damage your home’s structure. Ceilings and floors might bow when they take on water weight, it’s best to stay away from these hazards.

Paul Davis Restoration

Water damage is no match for Paul Davis. And with a little prep work from you, the water damage will be removed faster. We can return your home back to normal efficiently and quickly. Our specialists have restored a variety of flood conditions in a range of residential and business spaces. Furthermore, Paul Davis helps you with your insurance company to settle your claims effectively, so you can return to normal.