Fire Damage Clean Up – The Most Common Factor of House Fires

Home fires are scary, and they occur more regularly than people might think. The National Fire Protection Association has reported that there are more than 300,000 house fires a year in the United States, and they are responsible for the injuries and deaths of firefighters and civilians. Along with this data, businesses like Paul Davis have provided fire clean up services for many properties. It’s good to understand the most common ways a house fire is caused, because any probability for fire shouldn’t be overlooked. To ensure your preparedness, we’ve compiled a list of the most common causes of house fires.

Cooking in the Kitchen

Cooking is one of the primary causes of house fires, and a fire usually flares up when the stove is left alone. A lot of properties have needed fire damage restoration services because of food being left on the stove with no one to keep an eye on it. If you need to move away from the kitchen for any reason, make sure someone else is there to look after the cooking.

Electrical Current & Your Equipment

Electrical appliances, such as toasters and portable heaters should be monitored and put in areas that aren’t risky. If any of your electrical equipment has a worn out cord, then they are a fire risk. Regularly make sure your electrical outlets are not overloaded.

Forgotten Candles

One of the more fun features to keep around the home are candles. They are decorative and make your home fragrant, but they are also a major risk for fire. Keep your candles away from possible fire hazards such as books, papers and curtains, and always make sure the wick isn’t burning when you leave the room.

Smoking Indoors

When it comes to fire hazards, cigarettes are risky on account of they can fall to the floor and stay lit for a long period of time. Exiting your home to smoke is an excellent way to avert an accident from occurring.

Bad Wiring

Any electrical problems in your house, such as defective wiring, can put your property at risk for fire. Bad wiring is problematic because you can’t always see it, but here are a few things to watch out for:

  • Your lights dim when another appliance is in use
  • You have to disconnect something in order for an appliance to work
  • Your circuit trips frequently

If you notice any of these things, call an experienced electrician or contact your landlord to resolve the issue.

BBQs & Grills

For most individuals, a grill is a part of their residence for the summer. Remember, it’s imperative that your grill isn’t nearby anything that can catch on fire from it. Maintaining your grill is also critical because the buildup in it can put you at risk of fire. Additionally, you should inspect the gas bottle consistently for leaks or other potential problems.

Curious Kids in the Home

Kids are normally curious, and fire can be appealing to them. Hide all matches and lighters in your home to keep your children protected. You can also train them what to do in the circumstance of a fire and to memorize their address in the event they need to call 911.

Placing Combustible Liquids

Specific liquids should be kept away from any heat source, and you should always read the label to see if they are flammable.

Christmas Trees During December

Every December, holiday cheer is delivered to the home through Christmas trees along with a possible house fire. Cutting a small section from the trunk will allow your tree to absorb water, and this should be done before you set it up. You should also be earnest about watering your tree and keeping it hydrated. Before turning in for the night, make sure your Christmas lights are turned off as well. You could favor acquiring an artificial tree to prevent a fire hazard.

Laundry Appliances

Fires caused from dryers are quite prevalent, and that’s why it’s necessary to keep them clean. To prevent your house from needing fire restoration services, always clean out the lint trap before using it again, and check the dryer duct frequently because lint can get trapped in there as well.

Fire Damage Prevention to Your Property

It’s difficult to remove all potential fire hazards, but understanding the most common causes of house fires can remove your risk significantly. If you have experienced any fire damage to your house, don’t hesitate to call an expert that offers fire restoration services, like Paul Davis. We are a fire clean up company that can get your house recovered back to where it was before.